dB Hearing and Universal dB have been supplying custom earmoulds (inserts) for hearing aids to NHS adult audiology and paediatric audiology centres through the NHS Supply Chain for over fifty years.

We also provide water protection and hearing protection products. These are gaining in popularity as NHS Trusts seek to become more self-sustaining through the generation of additional revenue.

db Hearing and Universal dB are committed to supporting NHS Trusts in the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) model, helping them to meet key service outcomes and contribute to the wider Department of Health QIPP (Quality, Innovation, Productivity & Prevention) agenda as they set out to deliver improved services more commercially, under tighter budgetary constraints.

In addition to supplying the NHS Supply Chain, we also supply custom earmoulds (inserts) to private healthcare companies and other organisations manufacturing and / or specifying hearing aids and hearing products.

media and communications

dB Hearing and Universal dB are approved media suppliers for audio communication, TV and radio earpieces.

We supply custom talk back earpieces for a number of high profile media and broadcasting organisations including the BBC, ITV, QVC and MUTV.

Customers include several high profile news presenters, including Gordon Burns. Our custom earpieces for audio communication are also great for security workers and covert personnel where excellent audio communication is essential.

Industrial Hearing Protection

dB Hearing and Universal dB are approved media suppliers of custom noise protection products

Suitable for organisations involved in: food and drink production; paper and board making; canning and bottling; plastics processing; textile production; engineering; woodworking; sheet metal fabrication; construction and utilities.

We also supply high risk industries with custom industrial hearing protection products, such as aerospace, mining, foundries and blasting. We work closely with organisations’ Health and Safety Managers to High risk industries in particular benefit from custom workplace hearing protection – for example, aerospace, mining, foundries and blasting.

Our own Mini Ear product provides a high level of hearing protection for work where excessive noise is an issue.

The Music Industry

Producing one of the flattest level attenuating characteristics of any hearing attenuator available today.

Custom Ear Protectors provide outstanding noise protection for a variety of recreational and occupational environments. They offer optimum acoustic properties and long lasting comfort.

High fidelity Custom Ear Protectors are filtered to the agreed level allowing the user to still hear but at a safer attenuated level, ideal for DJ’s, Musicians, Pilots, Drivers and people who are exposed to unsafe sound levels, including hunters, target shooters, security personnel and military forces.


Our custom security communication earpieces are ideal for security workers and can be designed to suit the individual needs of the user.

Custom earphones are comfortable and discreet and can be used in conjunction with most types of communication equipment.

For security staff who work in particularly noisy environments. such as night clubs and concert venues, we offer an earpiece which incorporates Min Ear hearing protection allowing sound and communication to be heard while at the same time protecting the health of the user’s hearing.

Our Quality Control team inspects every custom earmould manufactured by our skilled technicians and is responsible for ensuring that our reputation for outstanding product quality is maintained.


Our skilled team are always on-hand to chat, give us a call or drop us an email

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db-hearing and Universal dB
Universal dB have been assessed and approved by The British Assessment Bureau (UKAS Accredited) for their Quality Management Systems and Standards
including specific aspects regarding the manufacture and supply of custom made ear inserts and gained BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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dB Hearing is an established manufacturer and supplier of custom earmoulds and hearing protection products. We operate from our own facility in North West England using the latest technology and materials. We celebrate our heritage and have over 350 years combined experience in our talented team.